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Pivotal Cloud Foundry

So this week I started tinkering with the cloud foundry API. In all honesty I did have to get a little help from one of our developers because I was doing something wrong. Forgetting that in my lab I don’t have trusted certificates I wasn’t using a flag in the headers below to ignore that. Anyway just a slight glitch.

First you need to get your endpoint URL by asking for info from your CF API


Get Endpoint:

Get https://API.pcfsys.domain.local/info

This should give you a payload with the endpoint listed. Using the endpoint url now post a payload like the one below substituting your domain and your admin user/password.


Get token:

POST https://login.pcfsys.domain.local/oauth/token




Authorization:Basic Y2Y6








At this point you should be presented with payload with your access token listed. Now you can use the access token to Get stuff. Like a list of the CF orgs.


List orgs:

Get https://API.pcfsys.domain.local/v2/organizations



Authorization:bearer eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1…………..


List Spaces:

Get https://API.pcfsys.domain.local/v2/spaces

Headers = same as orgs


List Apps:

Get https://API.pcfsys.domain.local/v2/apps

Headers = same as orgs


List Users:

Get https://API.pcfsys.domain.local/v2/users

Headers = same as orgs


OK how about something a bit more like a query? How about we list all the space for a given user?

When you called the list of users you should be presented with a payload that also includes the guid for each user. Using this guid you can list the spaces for that user.


List spaces for specific user using the guid:

Get https://API.pcfsys.domain.local/v2/users/94aa5e3b-86e1-4ca0-90b1-4734d6555ef2/spaces

Headers = same as orgs


Simple right… watch this space for more on the Cloud Foundry API

So after many attempts at getting Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) install in my vSphere home lab I finally mastered it. There are a few tweaks not mentioned on any educational material or docs that you learn through trial and error. So I figured what I learned along the way would make a great install guide. If you want to deploy PCF in your home lab you need to follow this guide > PCF-Quick-Install-Guide (984 downloads)


Reach out to me if you have feedback or need advice. Good hunting!