Python and VMware SDK

So I’m making a big push to learn Python. In IT don’t think you can survive without it. For those who don’t know me, I’ve never been a professional programmer. I learned enough 13 years ago to be dangerous. I did it so I could learn how to automate VMware by building my own tools. Thirteen years later and a plethora of tools later including vDisk Informer, vSphere Plugin Wizard and vRealize Automation icon changer I’m looking at starting again. This time with python. The first job as last time, the VMware programmer’s equivalent of “Hello World” which is to list the VMs on your vSphere environment. To make my life easier, I decided upon the Python SDK wrapper pyvmomi . So here’s how to do it in my favourite python IDE PyCharm.
Step pip install pyvmomi using the below command: pip install –upgrade pyvmomi

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