Error 400007 while installing Pivotal Cloud Foundry – is my lab fast enough.

This week I decided to try to install Pivotal Cloud Foundry in my lab. First step of the installing Ops Manager was successful but every time I tried to deploy the Elastic Runtime component I got an error:


Error 400007: `diego_cell-partition-4950f67e43d8dc1414ba/0 (922615a1-eb95-4603-9360-df75631365db)’ is not running after update. Review logs for failed jobs: rep


This error meant nothing to me and a logged a ticket on the Pivotal forum.


Trying to analyse what was going on myself the thought that it was my lab kept nagging me. I knew I have enough memory and storage. The storage connected to my lab 2TB in in size is a 1Gb SCSI LUNs made of SATA disks.


I had an idea and I managed to install Elastic Runtime successfully but I had to introduce an SSD disk into my lab for it to work.  What made me think of putting PCF on SSD is just the time it took to deploy in my lab, I wondered if there was latency and PCF was timing out on the install of Elastic Runtime.


Well looks like that SSD expansion I was planning for my Synology storage array will have to come sooner than later.